Choosing the Cutest Dressy Tops for your Day

Every girl wants to look cute in her dressy tops. In comparison to men, women have a vast range of options to choose from, as far as clothes and accessories are concerned.

dressy tank topsdressy evening tops

womens dressy tops

Women are not restricted to pants or jeans and can experiment with many different outfits like dressy evening tops. There are no predetermined boundaries and the look can be constantly revised.

Dressy tank tops are ideal for not too formal occasions that are not corporate or business meets. They are more appropriate for evening events. Women’s dressy tops could, however, be worn for afternoon events with sober patterns and decent necklines.

The season plays a major role while choosing dressy crop tops– a sleeveless sequined top may work well on a summer evening but it will not look so stunning if you are shivering in the fall. On cold evenings, pair up a dressy top with a sweater, shawl or wrap.

dressy evening topsdressy evening topsdressy evening topsdressy tops

Plus size dressy tops are perfect for a hot date in the evening or night out with a partner. Low cut dressy tops in attractive colors can be the best bet. Women’s dressy tops can be worn for shopping sprees with friends. For social occasions, when the dress code says casual attire, dressy tank tops can be worn for weddings, baby showers, churches and evening parties.

How to wear to your cute Dressy Tops?

  • You can team them up with a fabulous pair of designer jeans. If
  • If dressy crop tops has heavy embellishment, keep the jeans simple, meaning no embroidery or sequins.
  • Alternatively, you can also team them up with dress pants or skirts (long or short, according to the style of your plus size dressy tops).
  • Furthermore, you should opt for the length and embellishment according to your body shape. For instance, women with
  • For instance, women with pear-shaped body should avoid embellishment at hips, as it would unnecessarily draw attention to your heavier bottom. Broad necklines and
  • Broad necklines and voluminous fabric is apt for pear-shaped women. Apple-shaped women should avoid plunging necklines and preferably choose tops that end above hips.

plus size dressy tops

What things you should keep in mind to do to look gorgeous in Dressy Evening Tops?

  • To get this look right, it is required that women use some accessories and appear well-coordinated. Trousers and a silk shirt are the easiest option to pull off a casual yet semi-formal look.
  • Wearing a pant suit would also be considered appropriate for women.
  • For women’s dressy top, women can also stick to a casual business look which would resemble what they usually wear to work, but on a slightly more informal level. Skirts are also great to pull off this look.
  • Tying a scarf around the neck also complements the dressy casual look perfectly.
  • For accessories, pearl necklaces are a great option. It is advisable to stick to delicate and minimal jewelry.
  • Makeup can change the look of an outfit. A natural look and soft colors like pink should be used.
  • Semi-formal heels or flats are the best footwear options.

plus size dressy tops

As, every girl wants to look perfect , no matter what the occasions is , so to look gorgeous and incredible in the party you should take keen observation while choosing the dressy top for yourself.

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